What does all inclusive really include?

Every tour includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day (Except for breakfast on the first day. Please plan to eat before meeting your guide). The RV kitchen is stocked with continental breakfast options for the mornings when a hot breakfast won’t fit the itinerary.  Snacks, bottled water and soft drinks are available to you, free of charge, during your time with us, and are also available in the touring vehicle. Additionally, park entrance fees, taxes, fuel, and excursion activity costs are included.

What is NOT included?

  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance
  • Guide gratuity
  • Souvenirs
  • Alcohol
  • Hotel stays before and after your tour with us
  • Charges for negligent damage to Desert Solitude vehicles or property

Where does my tour begin and end?

Typically, tours begin in Salt Lake City where your group will be collected from the International Airport or a nearby hotel of your choosing.  If you prefer to arrive or depart from other locations, such as the St. George or Las Vegas airports, we can absolutely accommodate those needs. Additional charges will apply to pickup or drop-off locations outside of Utah, please ask for a quote before booking.  Specific details of pick-up and drop-off locations and times will be coordinated following your tour booking.

How many people will I be traveling with?

Every tour is private consisting exclusively of your traveling group of 2-6 guests.  We will never add additional travelers to your tour. Depending on the type and length of tour you will have one, two, or three guides that will attend to all of your travel needs for the duration of the tour.  

Is laundry available?

Due to the caravanning and camping style tours we are unable to provide laundry facilities.   However, if laundry facilities become a necessity during your tour we will gladly deliver you to a laundry facility so you may complete that task.

How much luggage can I bring?

Space is limited so we ask that guests limit belongings to one checked bag, one carry on bag, and one personal bag per person.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance.  We do not offer travel insurance as part of our tour packages.

What is the cancellation policy?

We understand things happen and sometimes you have to cancel or reschedule your tour. Below you will find our timeline of options to cancel or reschedule your tour.  Please contact us If you have further questions.


More than 90 days from departure – Cancellations receive an 80% refund of the deposit.  Rescheduling will incur a $500 fee and is subject to availability.

Between 30 and 89 days from departure – Cancellations receive a 50% refund of the deposit.  Rescheduling will incur a $1000 fee and is subject to availability.

Less than 30 days from departure – Cancellations receive no refund of the deposit.  Rescheduling will incur a $1500 fee and is subject to availability.

Can I reschedule my tour?

Yes, you may reschedule your tour after it has been booked if your new selected dates are available..  Rescheduling a tour is subject to the fee schedule that can be found in the cancellation policy.

What are the accommodations for the guides?

The guides have their own camping accommodations that will be set up near the luxury RV that guests stay in.  When setting up camp we aim to place our guides far enough away to give you space of your own but close enough that the guides are always accessible to you.

Will anyone else be in the RV while we are on tour?

The only people that will have access to the RV during your tour are the guides and only for the purpose of providing daily housekeeping, restocking of food items, and preparing the RV for transport.

Can you guarantee that I'll make my return flight?

We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are on time for your departing flight. However, circumstances beyond our control have the potential to cause delays.  We recommend that you schedule your flight for the day after the last day of the tour and book a hotel near the airport.

How should I interpret the rating system?

We have rated each of the experiences available on our tours so that you can be sure the activities on the tour are best suited to you.  In general:

  • Each clock equals about an hour
  • Each set of footprints equals about a mile (1.61 km)
  • The crowd rating is designed to indicate how popular an attraction is with tourists on a scale of one to five. A low rating of two or less indicates that you will see very few people at this site or may even experience it alone.  A high rating of four or five indicates that there will likely be many people adventuring with you.
  • The stars in the overall rating is our way of giving our recommendation for that experience

Is the RV secure?

Yes.  While you are away touring during the day the RV is locked and is in the care of one of our guides.  Incidences of robbery or theft while in Utah’s backcountry are incredibly rare. We take measures to ensure security even while our concern for theft at the RV is very low.

What toiletries and linens are provided?

The RV will be stocked with the essential toiletry items.  Specifically, you will find, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, hand soap, and hand lotion.  Towels and washcloths are provided and refreshed daily. Complete bedding is also provided and changed upon request.

Is smoking allowed?

You may smoke outdoors at camp, on trails and sites outside of national parks, and other public locations. The National Parks prohibit smoking in picnic areas, campgrounds, lookouts, walking tracks, and on national park roads.  Smoking is also prohibited in the tour vehicle and in the RV.

What is your alcohol policy?

Desert Solitude is unable to provide alcohol, however we can assist you in purchasing your own alcohol from local retailers.  Alcoholic beverages can be kept cool in the refrigerator of the RV and enjoyed at camp.  When dining out during your tour, alcoholic beverages may be purchased with your dinner at your expense.  (Utah law prohibits the sale and distribution of alcohol unless on the premise of a permanent location, therefore we cannot provide alcohol.  Additionally in Utah, it’s illegal to have an open container in the “passenger area” of a car or boat.)

What are the options for meals?

The tour itinerary is the best place to start for understanding the meal planning, but in general breakfasts are most often at camp and will be either a hot breakfast prepared camp style by your guides, or will be a continental breakfast style from the kitchen in the RV.  Some breakfasts may be at local restaurants. Lunch options will be picnic style on the go. We will pause in our day to enjoy lunch with a view whenever possible. Dinners are either meals at local restaurants or a meal cooked by your guide at camp. After viewing the itinerary let us know if you would prefer a different balance of food prepared at camp and dining out.  We will certainly accommodate your preferences on your tour!

Can you accommodate a specialty diet?

We are sensitive to your dietary needs and will do our best to cater to food allergies and dietary preferences.  Please inform us during the booking process if you have specific dietary needs. When meals are at restaurants, we will suggest locations that can cater to your allergies and/or preferences.

What vehicle will I be traveling in?

Our touring vehicle is a comfortable SUV with four-wheel drive capabilities.  Our SUV turned expedition vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, heating, heated leather seats,  DVD player, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS map system, sunroof, and tinted windows. Aftermarket off-road modifications include a 4” lift, aggressive all-terrain tires, anchor-point bumpers, recovery winch, off-road lighting, and on-board air compressor.

What are the lodging accommodations?

Luxury camping takes place in a comfortable RV travel trailer.  Three queen beds are available to accommodate up to six guests. Two queen beds, bunk style, share a room at the rear of the RV while in the front of the RV, in the master bedroom, is a single queen bed. Windows in each room provide views of the surrounding scenery and open for fresh air.  The bathroom includes a bathtub/shower combination, toilet, and sink. The kitchenette has a refrigerator and pantry stocked with complimentary snacks, drinks and continental breakfast items. Two leather loveseats, reclineable with built in massaging, sit adjacent to each other across from a flatscreen TV in the living area.  Camp locations will change as the tour progresses (on tours longer than four days). Your experienced guides will handle relocating the RV and setting up camp for you. Your luggage and personal items left in the RV during your tour days will remain safe, locked in the RV, and be waiting for you at the new campsite location. Housekeeping duties will be performed while you are away on daily excursions.

Is there electricity in the RV?

The RV has two electrical systems, 12 volt and 120 volt.  The 12 volt system is always on and powers the lights, furnace, water pump (for the plumbing), and USB charging ports. The 120 volt system is powered by an onboard generator and powers the televisions, microwave, air conditioning, and standard american power outlets (Type A & B international adapters).  Your guides can start the generator for you whenever needed. As a courtesy to wildlife and other campers we try to avoid using the generator between 10pm and 7am.

What should I wear?

The most important thing we could advise is to wear what you are comfortable in and accustomed to wearing.  While exploring the national parks and desert landscapes you will see a wide variety in what people choose to wear.  Some wear lightweight pants, breathable long-sleeve shirts, and a wide brimmed hat all with the purpose of keeping the sun off the skin.  Others find athletic clothing, which allows greater flexibility and better airflow, to be more comfortable to hike in. We recommend that you wear what you feel most comfortable in.

Here are some things to consider when deciding what to wear:

  • Dark colors will make you significantly hotter than light colors while in direct sunlight.  
  • Shoes should have sturdy soles to prevent small rocks and rugged trail surfaces from irritating your feet while hiking.  Shoes should have sufficient ankle support as sprains are likely while traversing uneven terrain.
  • Close toed shoes or bump toe sandals are highly recommended.  Footwear specifically designed for hiking is the best option. Athletic footwear or work boots are sufficient.  Flip-flops, leather-soled, slip-ons, and other casual footwear is not recommended.
  • Temperature swings are dramatic in the desert.  It’s recommended to dress in layers that can be removed during the heat of the day and added again as the evening cools.  During summer months (June-August) normal temperatures range from 45 Degrees F (7.2C) to over 100 degrees F (37.8C). Rainfall is very low in these southern areas of Utah.  Rainstorms are often short, lasting for as little as a few minutes to a few hours.

Do you recommend I bring certain items in addition to standard travel packing items?

The following is a list of additional items you may find useful if you desire, but are optional:

  • Backpack or bag to carry during hiking or excursions
  • Camera
  • Wide brimmed hat for sun protection and/or knit hat for cold weather
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking boots or comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent

Can my kids come on the tour?

Adventurers of all ages are welcome on any tour!  Very young children (5 years and younger) may slow the pace of the tour but we will happily construct a tour that fits the needs of your unique group.

What do you provide for young children?

We will provide any car seats, booster seats, or cribs for your younger adventurer.  Please let us know in advance what needs your children have so that we can have the correct accommodations for you.  

Can I share my photographs of my tour online or post a review?

Absolutely!  The greatest compliment you can give us is to leave a positive review of your vacation with us.  We love seeing your favorite photos from your trip. When posting on Facebook or Instagram we would appreciate being tagged or seeing our hashtag #desertsolitudetours in the post.  We reserve the right to use any pictures we take of our tours on social media, on our website, or for other marketing purposes. Leave your review on Tripadvisor, Google and our Facebook page.  Please allow us the opportunity to resolve any concerns before posting negative reviews.

How can I make changes to customize the itinerary?

You can make changes to the itinerary in advance by email or by phone.  Just contact us before or after booking your tour. Major changes to the itinerary should be coordinated well in advance of arriving for your tour with Desert Solitude.  The itinerary is designed to be flexible to allow minor changes to be made even during your tour.

After viewing the itinerary you may feel that you want to personalize it a bit.  We love that! You may want to see more historical sights, do shorter hikes, or have more adventure activities.  You also may have discovered another experience in Utah that you would like to do while on your tour. Simply let us know ahead of time how you would like to personalize your tour and we will assist you in making that dream a reality.

Will I have cellular and data service?

Throughout your tour there will be areas that have cell service and others that will not.  Staying connected will depend largely on your cell service providers coverage area. AT&T and Verizon have the most reliable coverage in these remote areas.  The expedition vehicle you’ll be riding in daily has WiFi capabilities also.  At a minimum you should have opportunity to send and receive messages a few times each day. Please make us aware in advance of your tour if you have a specific need to stay connected and we can discuss some solutions with you.

What happens if the weather is bad?

There is no bad weather!  During your tour you are most likely to have hot and dry days.  Southern Utah is a desert climate that sees on average only 55-75 days with rain per year.   Rare rainstorms provide a unique view of the desert, though they may require modifying the plan for the day and your guide will have suggestions for alternate activities if necessary.  Your tour will be conducted rain or shine.

Should I bring cash or card?

Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted by local retailers.

Are pets allowed on the tour?

Desert Solitude is willing to accommodate guests with pets although it is highly discouraged due to the restrictions placed on pets by the national parks.  Generally, pets are restricted in national parks to paved roads and parking areas. This restriction will drastically reduce the experiences available to you in the national parks.  If you do plan to bring a pet consider allowing us to create a custom tour that has more pet-friendly experiences. Bringing a pet on any multi-day tour requires a $500 pet charge.

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