The city of Moab is known for many things. It’s the gateway to the incredible natural stone arches of Arches National Park and massive Canyonlands National Park. The Colorado River passes through the city’s red rock desert landscapes, and visitors can get their hearts pounding with a whitewater rafting adventure. You can stand at the iconic overlooks of Dead Horse Point State Park, where several famous movies have been filmed. Visitors can even go off-roading in the infamously challenging Hell’s Revenge.

With so much to see and do, it should come as no surprise that another thing Moab is known for is the crowds. The city is home to just over 5,000 year-round residents and covers less than five square miles. However, its central location to so many popular outdoor destinations has caused an explosion in visitor numbers in recent years, topping more than three million annual guests. 

A large portion of those guests make their way to Moab during the summer months. If you have your heart set on spending your summer vacation in this bucket list destination, this can be a challenge. But Moab tours from Desert Solitude may be the answer. Keep reading to learn why.

Why Moab Tours are a Must During the Busy Summer Months

When the crowds descend on Moab, visiting the city quickly becomes a challenge. It’s not unusual for traffic to make getting through downtown Moab slow. With only so many hotel rooms to accommodate a large number of guests, getting a reservation can be tough, especially if you don’t do so very far in advance. First-time visitors often want to hit the highlights but find that the most popular trails, overlooks, and other attractions are often particularly crowded.

But booking Moab excursions through Desert Solitude can help you avoid these and other challenges.

Skip the Reservations

A visit to Arches National Park is a must while glamping in Moab or even visiting for the day. But if you want to do so from April 1 to October 31, you’ll need to purchase a Timed Entry Ticket. These are available starting three months in advance to each monthly block. For instance, if you wanted to visit Arches this coming July, you could have begun purchasing a Timed Entry Ticket starting April 1. 

The issue is that these Timed Entry Tickets are limited in number, and tend to sell out quickly, especially for the summer months. If you don’t have a Timed Entry Ticket, you can’t enter Arches National Park—with one big exception.

If you’re visiting the park on one of our Moab tours, you won’t need a ticket. Desert Solitude has a special permit with the park that allows our guides and guests to enter any day of the year without a permit. So whether you’ve already booked a flight and can’t get a permit or are thinking about booking one of our Moab excursions this coming summer and permits are already sold out, don’t fret—we can get you in.

Don’t Worry About Booking a Hotel

Another challenge of visiting Moab this time of year is finding a hotel room. This is especially true if you don’t start planning your summer visit months in advance.

Trying to plan a last-minute trip or even a trip that’s a month or two out might mean getting stuck with a room you aren’t happy with, or overpaying for one you are. But with a Utah glamping tour from Desert Solitude, you won’t need to worry about hotel reservations or even campground reservations.

Instead, you’ll spend each night in your own private luxury RV. Enjoy comfortable amenities like heating, air conditioning, a full bathroom, and a stocked kitchen. Your guide will stay hereby in a separate RV, and will handle everything from moving your camper to getting you to each day’s destination. Whether it’s your first visit or your tenth, glamping in Moab is an incredible way to experience this unique destination

Booking Moab Excursions and Other Utah Glamping Adventures With  Desert Solitude

Whether you’re hoping to visit Moab during the busy summer months or want to see this popular destination during the off-season, Moab tours from Desert Solitude are always a good choice. From helping you enter busy Arches National Park without an advanced reservation, to avoiding the challenge of finding a hotel by staying in your own luxury RV, our Moab excursions make enjoying a visit to this unique destination possible all year long.

Ready to start planning your own Moab adventure? One of our most popular options is the 4-Day Moab Tour. During this glamping adventure, guests will enjoy daily excursions to some of the area’s most famous outdoor attractions. You’ll see the towering stone arches of Arches National Park, the cliffs and deep canyons of Canyonlands, and visit some of the area’s best state parks, too. At night, relax and unwind in your own private luxury RV, with your guide just a short distance away in their own RV should you need them. Contact us today to learn more or to book this unique tour.